Astra Daihatsu Motor reduces downtime through PT Nagitec and Commvault

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Astra Daihatsu Motor has enhanced business continuity capabilities through the implementation of Commvault back-up and recovery solutions through channel partner PT Nagitec.

Going to market as an automotive manufacturer in Indonesia, Astra employs 12,000 people across five sites, including two automotive production facilities, in Jakarta and Karawang, West Java.

These assembly lines produce one vehicle per minute, which equates to around 550,000 Daihatsu and Toyota cars a year.


As a result, the implementation was designed to minimise the risk of downtime on vehicle production lines, with the solution supporting cloud services while complying with data protection policies and regulatory requirements.

“Each assembly line produces one vehicle per minute, so every minute the total cost from downtime is approximately US$1,000,” said Akmal Kusumajaya, head of IT, Astra Daihatsu Motor. “It means we could lose almost $60,000 per hour in the event of an outage.”

To boost capabilities, Astra deployed Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery across all its facilities in two weeks, leveraging the support of partner PT Nagitec. The offering now protects 140 applications, over 12TB of data and a variety of databases.

Kusumajaya said “rapid restore capabilities” have also enabled the company to improve recovery times by 80 per cent, achieving “optimal availability” for production and critical business systems in the process.”

“We are very proud to work with PT Nagitec, our trusted strategic partner in Indonesia, to deliver these solutions to Astra Daihatsu Motors.”– Akmal Kusumajaya, head of IT, Astra Daihatsu Motor —

“Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery has transformed our disaster recovery capabilities,” Kusumajaya added. “We can now recover more quickly from IT outages, which will safeguard the continuity of vehicle production schedules and customer deliveries.”

By preventing disruption to production lines, Kusumajaya said Astra can also avoid staff overtime costs, in addition to accelerating the adoption of cloud and digital technologies.

“We have a digitalisation roadmap for the next five years, and Commvault will support us in our ongoing journey,” Kusumajaya added. “It is the market leader for data protection and is easy to operate and maintain.”

According to Grace Ho – area vice president of ASEAN at Commvault – the partnership combines business availability requirements with digital transformation plans.

“It is exactly this combination of assuring both business availability, through minimised downtime, with compliant digital transformation support that we are looking to deliver to all of our customers across ASEAN,” Ho said. “We are very proud to work with PT Nagitec, our trusted strategic partner in Indonesia, to deliver these solutions to Astra Daihatsu Motors.”

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